Drivers Wanted!


1. Maintain current status of all qualifications for commercial driving according to company, local, state, and federal regulations.

2. Assist passengers as needed during charters and tours.

3. Perform required pre-trip and post trip vehicle inspections to ensure vehicle is safe, clean, and ready for travel.

4. Complete all necessary paperwork promptly and accurately according to company, state, and federal agencies.

5. Complete all training and testing as required by the company, state, and federal agencies.

6. Be able to lift at least 50 pounds.

7. Keep a professional appearance and demeanor at all times while on duty; and while in uniform, or while wearing any form of advertisement for your company, while maintaining the highest standard of personal hygiene, and grooming.

8. Drivers may be required to drive up to 10 hours a day and/or a combination of driving and on-duty not to exceed 15 hours except where off-duty options apply in a 24-hour period as stated in the FMCSR’S.

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