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The membership year runs from October 1 to the end of September of the following year.

Current membership renewal payments will be due by the end of September.

NCMA accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.


Current Member Change Form

Please use the current member change form to update your membership listing. Print out, complete and fax the form to the NCMA office at 336-495-5833.


Membership Benefits Brochure

Membership is required in order to attend any NCMA meetings, feature your company contact information on the NCMA website, or advertise in any NCMA publications.

Association members benefit from the exchange of ideas among professionals engaged in the same business. One of the prime functions of the Association is to educate and inform its membership with regard to related developments both within the industry and in political and economic matters which may have an impact on motorcoach carriers. Affiliation with this professional organization provides operator members and associate members immediate access to information often vital to efficient operation and keeps an open line of communication with local, state and federal governmental and regulatory agencies whose decisions affect the motorcoach industry.

NCMA represents the industry in legislative, safety and public service matters. NCMA fosters a cooperative effort by all motorcoach companies in the state to deliver the best possible service at the lowest possible price to all North Carolina citizens. NCMA promotes a positive image of the motorcoach industry in such a manner so as to not promote any individual member, but to create the best possible public relations for all members.

Members of NCMA have the opportunity through periodic meetings throughout the year and at the annual meeting to share the latest information on such things as maintenance technology, marketing ideas, government regulatory changes, safety, insurance, record keeping procedures, etc. Members have the opportunity to meet one-on-one to better understand different aspects of the industry from operations to service and supplies which impact the effectiveness and efficiency of the industry.

Individuals alone usually can have little influence on the decisions made by governing bodies. As a member of NCMA your voice will be heard with many putting you in a better position to impact and influence decision makers. Your involvement will help strengthen NCMA to make a difference in the future of the motorcoach industry and help your company through the positive influence NCMA can make on the industry.

NCMA encourages its members to provide assistance to each other and utilize the services of Associate Members. Everyone needs help from time to time whether it is a coach, a driver, a mechanic, a repair part, road service or just a good friend to share an idea with or to give advice.

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